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Nexos Comunitarios

Nexos Comunitarios, is a non-profit, Peruvian civil association, formed by a group of citizens, professionals, committed to ending poverty in communities isolated within Peru; and to promote better understanding and respect between different societies and cultures (at the National and International level).

Our Goals

Although our projects are designed and developed according to the requests from the communities and groups we work with.
NC has the following goals:

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Facilitate Human Development

Working hand in hand with our local partners (mainly isolated communities in the Andes), building Human and Social Capital to achieve sustainable solutions based on a holistic approach. We work in the fulfillment of this goal, implementing our Projects.

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Promote Diversification

By promoting a better understanding between different societies and cultures, through a genuine respect among them. For that, we develop relationships between different groups (with national and international agreements), where there is genuine reciprocity all parties can have the same benefits and responsibilities. We work in the fulfillment of this goal, implementing our Programs and Puriy.



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Our Development Hypothesis

We design and implement our projects based on the request of our local partners.

However, NC poses a hypothesis about a possible model to promote local development processes. The hypothesis, was developed on the basis of communities we are currently working with and their wishes. The hypothesis was proposed in 2014, but is adjusted accordingly to the needs and requests of our local partners.

Our Values

Our goals were established based on the values ​​shared by all NC members:

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All our efforts take into account freedom as the point of departure and arrival of all our work.

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We account for our activities and decisions and we take responsibility for them. We hope that the parts we work with will work in the same way.

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Based on the concept of Ayni in the Andean world, our work seeks a balance between the parties involved. This balance allows relationships to be horizontal and benefits are enjoyed by all and responsibilities fulfilled by each party. Reciprocity allows the parties to take interest in maintaining and reinforcing existing relationships, on which projects are developed.

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We design, implement and evaluate all our work respecting each of the cultures with which it works. The relationships we establish between groups or people with different cultures are based on horizontality, assuming that none is better than the other and all must be truly respected.

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We see service as the work of the soul.
"Help, arranging and serving represent three different ways of seeing life. When you help, you see life in a weak way. When you settle, You see life as if it were broken. When you serve, you see life as a whole. Arranging and helping can be part of the work of the ego, and the serving is the work of the soul". Rachel Naomi Remen, Blessings of my grandfather: Stories of Strength, Refuge and Membership.

Our History

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    NeVo was the organization that allowed the founding of Nexos Comunitarios. NeVo was created to promote foreign volunteering in Peru, with the support of the Interamerican Development Bank Youth.
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    The experience gained at NeVo, an organization led by our founder since 2009, made it possible to recognize that a new organizational structure and approach were needed to efficiently fulfill work in communities such as Cuncani. On December 13, 2013, Nexos Comunitarios was created.
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    Start of Nexos Comunitarios work in Cuncani and field study in Lares district (the country's poorest district until 2013 and the closest to the Cuncani community).
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    With the assistance of students from Carleton University we published: 'The Future of Cuncani: The Importance of Human Rights and Interculturality' and 'The dimensions of poverty in Chocquecancha: the application of the Multidimensional Poverty Index (IPM)'.
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    Inclusion of student programs in the activities of PhotoVoice in Lima, End of the Lunch program in Cuncani, beginning of the leadership of Circuit of Rural Tourism of Media Luna.
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    Beginning of: the Sustainable Homes Project in Cuncani, the initiative of Photojournalism of children's daily food in Cuncani, the Circuit of Vivencial Tourism in Cuncani and Puriy.

  7. With more Programs and Projects on the way! Make sure to check in every now and then!

Our Team

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Maricarmen Valdivieso

Founder and General Director

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Director of Finances

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Project Manager

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Local Co-ordinator

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Project Co-ordinator at Puriy

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Project assistant


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Carlos Kamisaki

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Roberto Chávez

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Madeleine Moe

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Eliana Kamisaki

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Alice Ebeyer

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