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Have you ever wondered why you travel? Why do trips have such an impact on your life? Go to an airport, run with your bags, change planes until you reach your destination. Many of us love to enjoy the magic of traveling. Traveling allows us to look in a more fresh way, EVERYTHING. Traveling allows us to explore and ask more questions about our way of looking at the world. As Eliot wrote:
"We must not stop exploring. And at the end of our explorations we will arrive at the place from which we started, and we will know it for the first time. " 
Puriy (Journey, in Quechua) is a program for all those who want to visit a new place, maybe different; learn from a new culture, and also contribute financially with initiatives that improve the standard of living of its inhabitants. ' 
Puriy is a program for philanthropic citizens, who create their experiences. Puriy can be a made-to- your-measure program to travel through Cusco, Lima, Huaraz and Puerto Maldonado. 

Do you want to know Peru? Design your Puriy with us!

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