The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic radically changed our organization, projects and plans.

Currently, our projects are defined as:

Before COVID-19

From the beginning, Nexos Comunitarios has always followed its Development Hypothesis.

Health and education are our areas of focus. Our projects were spearheaded by our first Exploration Work about the community: FUTURE OF CUNCANI: The importance of Human Rights and Interculturality (2015). This research highlights our community partner and the results of the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) application.

Please find below useful information about two of our main projects in Cusco region. Feel free to send us an email for further information.

School Lunch Program (Health), 2013-19: at the request of our community partner, Cuncani, and our assessment of the government’s assistance in the community. Nexos Comunitarios provided nutritious lunches to 100% of the children in kindergarten and multi-grade primary school. By 2015, not a single child in Cuncani was affected by anemia, which has long plagued children living in remote Andean villages due to single crop diets.

Watch this video to learn about the project's start.

Kick-Off Project (Education), 2017-20: Nexos Comunitarios implemented several initiatives to address education in Cuncani. Starting in 2019, Nexos Comunitarios introduced a pilot program called Kick-off, an innovative education approach, using the power of sports to promote quality education in marginalized communities. Watch this video to learn about our initiative:

Read the first report of our pilot project. Football has enormous popularity in all parts of Peru and is an optimal way to educate children in rural parts of the country to improve their living conditions!

Find more publications of our work, see below:

Since COVID-19

All Nexos Comunitarios projects stopped at the beginning of our first lockdown (March 16, 2020).

Our current efforts aim to provide humanitarian assistance first with components of sustainability. We will also continue with our previous projects.

Since the start of the pandemic and throughout the year, Nexos Comunitarios has been providing food to 92 families (nearly 400 people) in the Cusco region.


Community Development in an Interdependent World

At the beginning of January 2021, we launched #SomosAyllu. a project that contributes to SDG 1, SDG 2 and SDG 3. #SomosAyllu focuses on Food Security, Family Agriculture and Fish Farming.

Ayllu (Quechua word) is a lived, ongoing experience of community identity.
The resilience of the citizens of the Andes is remarkable, but they need our compassion to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and have an adequate standard of living.

According to UNICEF Perú poverty may reach 30.2% in 2021 in the country.

#SomosAyllu Goals:

  • Consistently feed 92 families (nearly 400 people) through Ollas Comunes, (shared pots) during the entire year in an initiative led by community members.
  • Improve family agriculture through the production of vegetable and fruits in 92 family greenhouses.
  • Implement communal fish farms with 20,000 trout to improve the nutrition of all community members as well as provide a source of income for the community.

To make this possible, we need your donations more than ever.

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